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  • $51 Day
  • Domain Name, Create Date, Expiry Date, Domain Provider, Registrant Name, Company, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Email, Phone


  • $8030 Day
  • Domain Name, Create Date, Expiry Date, Domain Provider, Registrant Name, Company, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Email, Phone


  • $4006 Month
  • Domain Name, Create Date, Expiry Date, Domain Provider, Registrant Name, Company, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Email, Phone


  • $7001 Year
  • Domain Name, Create Date, Expiry Date, Domain Provider, Registrant Name, Company, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Email, Phone

Up to Date

Fostering modern advancements WHOIS, such as new gTLDs and IDN. Suggesting domain and ip requests.

Bulk Whois Lookup

Our technology incorporates Whois checks can make millions of requests dividing them in required format.

Data Analysis

Focusing data on its accuracy regularly with the domain information.

Whois Data Protection

Fostering modern advancements WHOIS, such as new gTLDs and IDN. Suggesting domain and ip requests.

Historic Whois Database

Historic whois information available in the excel format and filter it accordingly as per the date and also with the required aspects.

Domain Monitoring

We monitor new registrations for prospective breaching and violations related to any unique registrations.

Meaningful And Relevant Bulk Whois Database From www.whoisget.com

What Is Email Database & How Is It Helpful To Businesses?

An email database is exactly what the name suggests. It is a detailed list that contains the email addresses and other relevant details of potential or target customers. While databases have always been great sources of lead generation for sales and marketing personnel cutting across all industries, the corporate world has always sought to generate or buy database for lead generation because leads is what helps businesses survive and sustain in this competitive world.


However, in the conventional mode phone database for business were maintained manually, today with computerized systems, collecting and maintaining business email list has became easy and fast. In the modern world of advanced technology the use of CRM software programs or the Customer Relationship Manager system is used extensively to store, maintain and update bulky email database of IT Company and other contact databases.

Importance Of Email Database

A business invariably needs a database of its potential customers; target market and business owner email list for email marketing. An email database helps in bulk email marketing programs that enable businesses to reach out to multiple markets and manifold customers.


From advertisements to promotions, deals to email blasts, launches and follow-ups, there is no end to how the database can be put to effective use by a business entity. It makes business sense to buy reliable email databases because it is one of the most personalized ways of reaching out to a prospective customer and that too bulk customers at one go.


This is how businesses benefit from email marketing or a database:-

  • It is one of the most inexpensive ways of building brand awareness and increasing credibility of the brand in the market.
  • It helps businesses reach out to innumerable customers – potential or existing – at one go.
  • It keeps businesses connected with their base market and is one of the proven methods to share information with clients.
  • It helps a business to expand their network and reach out to places that would have been impossible or time-taking using conventional methods.


There are few other bonafide reasons why a business should consider investing in buying email databases from trustworthy sources like www.whoisget.com. The practicability of database obtained from topmost database providers lies in the fact that –


  • It is a proven fact that the click-through rate of email marketing is much better than that of other forms of online marketing tools like banner ads.
  • The other forms of online marketing tools are active as long as the advertiser or the marketer pays for them. But emails sit in the inbox of the customer for as long as they want and can be viewed by the customer as per his convenience and requirement.
  • Since emails are sent out to people who have signed up for the said service hence your business-oriented emails are reaching the right people who have better chances of buying your company’s products.
  • Emails can be accessed by customers over emails by customers even on their mobiles. This makes email marketing very user-friendly.

Who Are We And What Are The Types Of Database That You Can Buy From Us?

We are one of the world’s foremost and top database providers pertaining to whois database. www.whoisget.com is a leading seller of bulk whois database across all major countries of the world. From newly booked domain database to renewed domain database to updated whois bulk database we enable businesses entities to download TLDs and gTLDs from our cloud based system – a system that helps you access hundreds and thousands of domains within minutes; a system that helps you access worldwide email database and even country-specific bulk data. In fact our customized whois email database helps you download USA database, UK database and India database and may such country-centric information. The database can be downloaded in various formats, the common ones being the HTML, ODT, TXT and PDF.

Key Stats Of Whois Database

  • Every month almost 45 lakh domains get registered throughout the world.
  • Every day almost one and a half lakh domains are registered in the virtual world.

Key Stats Of Email Database

  • In 2018, there were about 3.8 billion registered email ids around the globe.
  • By 2022, the number of email users is expected to go beyond 4.2 billion

Why Us?

Other than claiming to the one of the best service provider of global and countrywide email database, here is why you should consider us when selecting your whois database partner.

  • Access to millions of active domains, updated on a daily basis.
  • Information of newly registered whois database with TLDs supported in the format of .com, net, .org, .biz, .mobi, .aero, .tel, .asia, .coop, .infor and .pro and even many gTLDs.
  • Cleaned data where irrelevant information is deleted on a daily basis. Hence guaranteed authentic and trustworthy information available within seconds of sign-up with our services.
  • Custom country plans – USA email list, UK email database, Australia email list, Europe email database, Asia email database and India whois database are available making work easy and convenient for you.
  • Different packages at varying price points depending on the active period.

Detailed and comprehensive information of B2B database and B2C database.

What Information Is Contained In Our Whois Database?

Here is what the parsed information from our whois database on www.whoisget.com contain –

  • Name of the domain
  • Create and expiry date
  • The domain registrar
  • Name of the domain owner
  • Company Name of the registrant
  • Complete Address of the domain owner
  • City of the registrant
  • State of the registrant
  • Zip of the registrant
  • Country of the registrant
  • Domain owner email & Phone database

Who Can Use Our Whois Database?

Multiple industries can use the kind of professional and relevant information that we provide you with. From marketing research firms, banks, payment processors, data warehouses that verify contact details, cyber security agencies, law enforcement organizations, registrars, fraud detection providers, investment corporate bankers and many others working in the field of virtual security and threat intelligence systems, can utilize our whois database in effectively making the virtual world safer and securer.

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